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A Lamb's Tale - Video Performance

Please enjoy this video of our youth Christmas program performance of A Lamb's Tale from this past Sunday. The kids did such an amazing job and we are proud to share this with you.

(The performance only goes until the 1 hour and 10 minute mark in the video.)

Meet Zeke - a young Bethlehem boy trying his best to decide what he wants to be when he grows up. He seems sadly destined to be a shepherd just like his father, and his father's father, and...

But what a change occurs when Zeke's special little lamb, Snowflake, gets lost. In his search, Zeke discovers a newborn King and the joy of fitting into God's plan for his life. It's a lesson for all of us.

Here's a creative concept, from your NBCC Kid's Church, that's certain to delight your children and your church family. An imaginative script weaves together some charming songs featuring a taste of jazz, Broadway show tunes, and a little '50s rock and roll. Most of all, it's fun and promises to deliver a lasting impression.

What a night...a most amazing night!

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