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Hearts for the Homeless

Saturday was wonderful. New Brunswick Church of Christ made chili and ham and beans along with bread, cornbread, applesauce and super scrumptious brownies and more snacks (No pictures this week 🙁). We did have enough to go down to the circle and hand out 8 meals and some extra brownies. This one guys eyes just lit up when he saw me put the brownie in the bag. We watched him go sit and eat and we took him another huge brownie. With the biggest smile he said "wow, thank you, these are fantastic".

Levi joined again and he is just such a blessing. He started going out with us when he was 10 (or younger). He struggles with heat, and we had a big team for a while, so he sat out for about a year. He has grown and matured so much! He is also so bold in his faith and love for Jesus. He prays for our friends - and we've said it before - he remembers everything!!! He is a powerhouse out there 🙌

The day started off more perfect than we could've dreamed. Again, God and His timing. We left earlier than normal, and we stopped when we normally wouldn't have - and fell right into the 2 beautiful blessings at Meijer.

We had fun at every single stop! Music, laughs, conversation. We missed Tony when we stopped at that camp but stopped back by later and there, he was with that handsome smile ❤️. My friend Robert is back out on the streets and he isn't doing well. His illness is at a high these past 3 weeks. This week I yelled down for him to come up and he yelled 'I can't Marie, I'm dead'. Michael Jackson was down there with him and so many other dreadful circumstances. He wouldn't let me see him. Please pray for Robert.

We also missed Chris, who lives in his van with his dog. He has a job but we hope we missed him because he got housing. We LOVE it when people who want and will take advantage of housing get approved!!! In these circumstances the housing programs work.

We may have established a good route - as long as none of the camps are forced out anytime soon. It's so hard though, there are at least 6 other small stops we would love to have on our route but the locations and the time we have make it impossible. We have to pray a lot about this. We could pick the easiest and most pleasant stops but that's not always what God wants us to do.

We still have no update on a location. Due to freezers/refrigerators and some of the assets there are requirements for space. We have been speaking with a few people and may have an opportunity for a temporary location this week. We will keep you updated. Due to this we are still not accepting donations except meals and snacks. Please send us an email if you have any questions.

Thank you for continuing to follow us, support us, pray for us and mostly for your hearts that love and care without question or judgement. You will be blessed!!!

Psalm 16:11

You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

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