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New Brunswick Beginner Bible Bowlers

Congratulations goes out to our New Brunswick Beginner Bowlers!! Team 1 earned 2nd Place in Bracket 1 with 4 wins, 1 loss and Team 2 earned 3rd Place in Bracket 2 with 3 wins, 2 losses! Makayla & Sarah were the only 2 players in our league to score a Perfect 💯 on the test, and Rebekah & Peter also scored above 90%! Sarah, Makayla, Merilynn, & Peter all Buzzed Out at least once (scoring 75 points or more in a single round). Awesome job team!!!


*Team 1 placed 2nd in Bracket 1 with 4 wins/1 loss

*Team 2 placed 3rd in Bracket 2 with 3 wins/2 losses

*4 players scored above 90% on the test - 2 with perfect scores

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