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Prayer Changes Things

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Come, All are Welcome! Be Blessed!

* Have you lost your peace of mind? * Have you lost your hopes for your future? * Are you finding it hard to cope with life? * Are you struggling with any addictions? * Are you tired of this life? * Have you lost your job? * Are you going through financial turmoil? * Are you sick or do you need a healing? * Are you lonely, depressed or weary?

Do you know that prayer changes things? Come and join us and receive answers to your questions and solutions to your problems through the power of prayer.

Jesus Christ is still alive, and He hears our prayers! Come and see what the Lord is doing at New Brunswick Church of Christ!

Join us for our Wednesday evening Prayer Group every Wednesday at 7:00 PM or

Join us for our Sunday morning worship service every Sunday at 10:00 AM

For further information please visit

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